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HHC provides building construction and Post Tensioning total design, engineering and construction, also, supply and installation services. HHC specializes in the structural and civil sectors within the Construction Industry providing solutions across a wide range of post-tensioning activities. Pre-stressed concrete provides many benefits and solutions in the saving material quantities in concrete, reinforcement rebar and saving resources of projects during the construction period.

HHC considers no job too big or too small, with strong experience in the design and execution of many kinds of residential buildings, schools and towers. Today HHC has established a reputation for supplying quality products, provision of excellent and reliable services, Up to date calibration of stressing equipment, fully supported by a talent of professional and experienced staff to meet the over challenging demands of our customers. For more Details Download Our Profile


Supply & Install Post-Tensioning

Tensioned Concrete estimators will provide a competitive proposal to supply and install post tensioning as per the project engineers drawings and specification. Tensioned Concrete has large quantities of materials in stock ready to be supplied to your next small or large project.

Alternative Post-Tensioned Slab Design

Tensioned Concrete specialises in providing efficient design alternatives to fully reinforced slabs, equating to cost savings by simplifying formwork, decreasing reinforcement, reducing concrete thicknesses, and cutting overall project time.

Proposed Post-Tensioned Slab Design

Tensioned Concrete excels in providing efficient design alternatives or advice to projects that already have post-tensioning design carried out, we can provide a full redesign or advice and co-ordination in fine tuning the existing design to ensure it is workable on site, by eliminating delays & congestion, which equates to cost savings for the client.

Supply Only

Tensioned Concrete can supply or export post-tensioning components, plant & equipment, design and supervision to suit your requirements direct to your site.

What Makes Us Special

Tensioned Concrete regularly provides design and technical services to consultants, architects, builders and developers from value engineering, providing post-tensioning component dimensions or samples of materials used.

Tensioned Concrete can help you with an overall understanding of post-tensioning and its varied applications.

What is post tensioning?

Post-Tensioned concrete is a method of applying compression after pouring concrete. Galvanised duct which is anchored at both ends is profiled by using bar chairs to follow the area where otherwise tension would occur in the concrete element. Steel strand (12.7mm typically) is pushed through the duct (known as tendons) and the concrete is poured. Once the concrete has achieved required strength, the tendons are stressed by hydraulic jacks. When the tendons have extended sufficiently, according to the design specifications, they are wedged in position and maintain tension after the jacks are removed. The duct is then grouted to provide corrosion protection and bond between the pre-stressing steel and concrete members.

Post-Tensioning Benefits

Larger Spans

Leaner Columns, beams and slabs

Simplified Formwork

Reduction in conventional Reinforcement

Quicker construction cycles

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